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Community Rewards Program

Support Dust2 by signing up for the City Market Community Rewards Program.  By signing up you will support trails, trail maintenance, and the team simply by shopping at your favorite City Market (a Kroger store).

In 2022, Dust2 received more than $1700, from the City Market Community Rewards Program.  This program doesn't cost you anything which is a win-win for you and Dust2!

Follow these simple steps below to allow City Market to give to Dust2 on your behalf:

1) Go to
2) Click on the 'Sign In' button in the upper right hand corner.
3) If you haven't created an online account for your City Market card yet, choose 'Create Account' and provide the required information.
4) Once you are signed in, click on 'Account' (where 'sign-in' used to be) and choose 'My Account'.
5) On the left side, choose 'Community Rewards'
6) Enter the code SY528 or search for Dust2
7) Click 'Enroll' in the box for Dust2
8) Shop at City Market and use your Rewards Card like you normally do. Smile as you earn fuel points AND donations to support trails, teams, and the cycling community in Pagosa Springs, Co!


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